Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sunny Love

This morning we were moving things around the shop and we started asking each other random questions. You know the ones.."what's the beginning of the best belly laugh or what's your favourite cupcake?" Today though, our newest question was "best accessory of all time?" At once and in unison we all said "has to be sunnies" If you think about, it it's true. Not only do they make or break skin tones, face shapes, hairstyles and lip colour but just how many times have your sunglasses saved your moments? The moments when..."you want to appear mysterious and all Hollywood,  avoid the cheque, make the perfect statement, need an emergency hair band or hide the tears." There really are countless moments and in the end we decided you can't just have one pair. There needs to be a full on wardrobe, one pair for every mood, much like your outfits. Then we began to search on line. Needless to say we found the most amazing glasses, Quay from Australia. Here's are some of our faves. We loved them so much we are offering them in the shop and online!  

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