Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fall Vibes

I can't begin to tell you how much we love fall in our shop. The colours, the textures, and of course all of the cozy.  Honestly it's like working inside a giant hug. Lol... How many people can say that about their job? When you think of fall your brain immediately goes to sweaters.  At least ours do.
This season all our brands, Mink Pink, Somedays Lovin, Obey, Gentle Fawn, Element, Pink Martini, have hit it out of the park with sweaters. Especially gorgeous are the cranberry to Merlot sweater tones this fall. We love the way the combinations of these shades in  knits brings out the hints of soft pink in everyone's complexion .  You know the comes with a tiny little blush that happens when you remember a sweet little secret. That's the skin tone we want to rock. Come see us or visit us online @ You will all want to give the the cranberry/Merlots of fall 2016 a try. They are delicious.
See you soon. Xxoo Faun Girls

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Brown Paper Packages.

This year we decided to take a simple approach to gift wrapping in the shop and use brown paper instead of traditional Christmas wrap. This did get me to thinking about how such great things come in brown paper packages.
   I am a push over for the super personal gifts that come in under the fifty dollar mark. I really feel like it's the little things that whisper "hey I was really thinking about you." At least that's the way it is for me. When you do go looking there are tons of options but I do love what we at Faun are offering as uber personal gifts under $50.....

Our amazing sugar scrub at $16. This all natural product gives you the most luscious skin ever. Exfoliating while moisturizing with an unbelievable combination oils.

Of course who doesn't love a gorgeous statement necklace. Just the right amount of decadence someone might forgo for themselves....but to receive as a gift...well yes!!!! Great selection between $18 and $38

A 100% soy candle. Comes in the cutest little jar and gift box. Avaliable in a number of scents at $16
Oh here's a couple of things about soy candles that make them an extra special gift. They burn longer than wax candles, are toxin free and water soluble making jar clean up amazing.

Hanky lanky at $26 each. These are a one size lace thong that we can not keep in the store. They are super comfy are made of the softest lace. I don't know about you but I love to receive undies as a gift. It's just something you never take the time to get for yourself.

The softest of flannel jams in sweet colours and patterns...$28. Love fresh pjs for these long cold winter nights.

Canadian designed and created rare specimens earrings. So beautiful in their simplicity. Do you know someone that fits that description? I bet you do. $43

Aveda lip colour. Tubes of  smoothing moisture in a number of glorious colours. $25

Of course the hottest accessory trend this season. The raccoon Pom Pom toque. Designed for looking cute and staying toasty on those brutal winter days. A win win. Available in four colours at $49

There are some awesome ideas for you. Let's call this a wrap...brown paper them.
Happy holidays lovelies xo

Tip....Mom and Dads let the kids at the gifts with their favorite art supplies. They can spend an hour decorating and you can have an hour of quite...#thegiftsthatjustkeepongiving. Xo

Friday, 5 June 2015

We Have Gone A Little Indie

 Well we have gone just a little Indie in our shop. Sometimes you just can't find what you are looking for so ya just get down and do it. Yep thats the case with this scrub product we have created by ourselves for ourselves. Over the winter we were are feeling the effects of the dryness and cold on our skin. In the worst ways I might add. First there is the terrible build up from your soaps and lotions. As if that's not enough we were also wagging war on the flaking and cracking from winter dryness.  Uggg the worst. What we also decided was no more double time for skincare. Busy girls need products that are multi purpose. We need this product to exfoliate and moisturizer in one step. We all shopped and tried and tested and well nothing.....Then the decision was kind of made for us. We are going to make our own and make it perfect. So we did...Introducing Sugar our completely all natural sugar scrub. So simple to use. Dampen your skin in shower, rub scrub in a circular motion, enjoy the intoxicating scent, rinse, pat dry. Done.

So gentle it can be used everyday. Even on the face and lips.The result...well ultimately that's up to you but we are gonna say " pretty fauntabulous." An absolute luscious combination of all natural oils, scents, and sugar. The smoothest skin you will ever experience. You have to try it to believe it. Oh and btw if you want the closest leg shave ever....after you rub the product on your legs then rinse you should shave then pat dry. Hair stays away longer. Ok that's me over lovelies  Xxoo

Available on line or in the boutique 8oz container 16$

Photo credits Ethics Of Style

Thursday, 28 May 2015


The Bachelorette

First off, whoever hasn't seen the movie, it's a must. Search Netflix. Hilarious. 

On Friday night, 19 girls from lakeshore east celebrated our bestie and full blown Faun supporter, Emmy Sheffield. Aside from axe throwing and endless Caesars (oops) the night was beyond amazing. Full of laughs, love, and girl power. I know that's totally cheesy, but there was something about all the cowboy boots, the plaid, the axes, and all of us having outstanding hair, that made it so badass. Not to mention the epic dance party after at Boots and Bourbon. 
Emmy is such an amazing women and it was a perfect night to celebrate her and her future. Love you so much Emmy! Can't wait for the big day xx

Outfits worn by Haley and Edes can be found @faunboutique downtown Port Hope or online

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Season Opener

Season Opener

2015 Wedding season has officially begun at Faun Boutique!!!
This weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to Ottawa to do what I love and create some wedding hair for my dear friend, Cait. She is the first one in our group to "seal the deal". Cait deserves nothing but happiness and I am over the moon proud of her and the women she has become. I was so honoured to play such an important part in her special day. She was a superb piece in my high school puzzle and I am so grateful to still have her in my life.

above photo by Jennifer Moher Photography

 My partner in crime and main squeeze this weekend was the fabulous hairstyling gypsy, Krista Kayser. Girl, what would I have done without you this weekend!?!? She's the best, and I think we were separated at birth! We worked together flawlessly and got those babes ready for the day in record time. Krista you are truly a star and have an effortless talent that I admire. 

This long weekend was beyond amazing in so many ways. It was the perfect kick off to my wedding season. I couldn't have picked a better group of people to be surrounded by.

above photo by Jennifer Moher Photography

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Some Days You Just Don't Give A __________\\

Yep it's true Some Days you just don't give a _________ We have all had them, right? You roll out of bed and you're just not feeling much of anything. Kind of like your inspiration is taking the morning off. So now what's a girl to do? I work in the world of style so I just can't hang it up for the day. I guess I could leave it all up to Edee, she always looks amazing, but that would make me a quitter. I ain't no quitter so now what? Maybe tea and bagel will jump start the day. Ok, that failed. Now it's a trip to the closet to see if colours are going to help. Okay, today is going to be tougher than I thought. Good morning for paperwork...hey look ....found my inspiration right there in my accounts payable file. First account due is Somedays Lovin and guess what their tag line is....Some Days you just don't give a _______. Has to be sign! Love the flip style of this line. It's all about doing whatever you want with style and never even considering that comfort won't be a huge part. So much fun to wear! Reminds me of the festival girl that wants to go to brunch...she would totally rock Some Days Lovin  So there you fire fueled. 

Oh all so great! Some Days Lovin. #gamechanger  Xxoo 

All products available online or in store 50-110$

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Statement Maker

Crazed over the beautiful statement necklaces we have in the shop.The sparkle, the shapes, the colour a little fashion bliss! It's all about showing your inner gems on the outside. Letting our personalities  make a statement. Adding these beautiful necklaces to the plainest of tees or favourite destroyed button down is like  whispering... "I can be all chill and laid back but I also want you to see me shine." You know that cute little dresses with these pieces are a no brainier but this blend of comfy and chic is so me. Tell me if you saw a girl wearing a destroyed denim shirt and the best metal necklace or maybe even a jewelled floral you wouldn't want to get to know her? I would. Do it dolls -make your statement. We all have one.  xx

These and many more necklaces and earrings available in shop only. 19 - 45$