Thursday, 11 December 2014

Glitter Everywhere...Makes Me Think Of You.

We have a little princess in our shop. If you ask my mom she will tell you we have two and I started out exactly the same way....obsessed with anything that sparkles. It is true. I love glitter. I mean who doesn't? Anything that sparkles just has to be mine. This time of year Isla and I start the festival of sparkle.This is Islas pick for her party season (don't you love her little nod to street style with the sneakers that glitter and light up) cute.

Of course, being the grown up princesses we are, Eden and I had to come up with a big girl version of Isla's ensemble. First and foremost was hair and makeup. Sassy hair and all about fresh skin and lips. From there the dress. We have this to die for glitter dress in the shop (only 69$) so that's where we started and before we knew it....glitter everywhere.


 Dress avaliable from Faun or in store $69


And all together....

Oh the inner princess how she can shine....embrace her lovelies. Glitter everywhere...always makes me think of you. Xxoo

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