Thursday, 25 December 2014

Winter, its over.

I'm so over winter and my current wardrobe. Today, I wore snow pants, yes snow pants into the shop, how embarrassing. I tried to dress it up with a sparky pink toque (actually tried) as I caught myself in the mirror going to get my tea, I almost died. I mean really, who cares what you are wearing under your big ugly winter coat and salt stained boots. Right? Umm, Did I just ask that question? Who am I? I care! I care the MOST out of anyone I know. What has winter done to me? Ok, ok I get it. We live in Canada, we get snow, blah blah blah. Do we really need to subject ourselves to snow pants and sparky toque. The answer dolls, is helllll to the no!!!I guess what I'm trying to say is we all have our faux days (today being this girls) but let's stop wearing the same four outfits. You know you are doing it too. Time to change it up. I have spent the morning putting spring outfits together with the ever so popular blanket scarf. Bring the blanket scarf into spring. It deserves another season in your wardrobe. Pair it with plain t shirts and skinny jeans. Appropriate with any foot wear. Let's face it, a strappy sandal is pushing it! Starting with the littlest change in your wardrobe will pull you Out of the winter funk. Sorry winter, it's time to part ways. You are brining me down and it's social suicide.kisses xoxo


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