Friday, 5 June 2015

We Have Gone A Little Indie

 Well we have gone just a little Indie in our shop. Sometimes you just can't find what you are looking for so ya just get down and do it. Yep thats the case with this scrub product we have created by ourselves for ourselves. Over the winter we were are feeling the effects of the dryness and cold on our skin. In the worst ways I might add. First there is the terrible build up from your soaps and lotions. As if that's not enough we were also wagging war on the flaking and cracking from winter dryness.  Uggg the worst. What we also decided was no more double time for skincare. Busy girls need products that are multi purpose. We need this product to exfoliate and moisturizer in one step. We all shopped and tried and tested and well nothing.....Then the decision was kind of made for us. We are going to make our own and make it perfect. So we did...Introducing Sugar our completely all natural sugar scrub. So simple to use. Dampen your skin in shower, rub scrub in a circular motion, enjoy the intoxicating scent, rinse, pat dry. Done.

So gentle it can be used everyday. Even on the face and lips.The result...well ultimately that's up to you but we are gonna say " pretty fauntabulous." An absolute luscious combination of all natural oils, scents, and sugar. The smoothest skin you will ever experience. You have to try it to believe it. Oh and btw if you want the closest leg shave ever....after you rub the product on your legs then rinse you should shave then pat dry. Hair stays away longer. Ok that's me over lovelies  Xxoo

Available on line or in the boutique 8oz container 16$

Photo credits Ethics Of Style

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