Sunday, 20 December 2015

Brown Paper Packages.

This year we decided to take a simple approach to gift wrapping in the shop and use brown paper instead of traditional Christmas wrap. This did get me to thinking about how such great things come in brown paper packages.
   I am a push over for the super personal gifts that come in under the fifty dollar mark. I really feel like it's the little things that whisper "hey I was really thinking about you." At least that's the way it is for me. When you do go looking there are tons of options but I do love what we at Faun are offering as uber personal gifts under $50.....

Our amazing sugar scrub at $16. This all natural product gives you the most luscious skin ever. Exfoliating while moisturizing with an unbelievable combination oils.

Of course who doesn't love a gorgeous statement necklace. Just the right amount of decadence someone might forgo for themselves....but to receive as a gift...well yes!!!! Great selection between $18 and $38

A 100% soy candle. Comes in the cutest little jar and gift box. Avaliable in a number of scents at $16
Oh here's a couple of things about soy candles that make them an extra special gift. They burn longer than wax candles, are toxin free and water soluble making jar clean up amazing.

Hanky lanky at $26 each. These are a one size lace thong that we can not keep in the store. They are super comfy are made of the softest lace. I don't know about you but I love to receive undies as a gift. It's just something you never take the time to get for yourself.

The softest of flannel jams in sweet colours and patterns...$28. Love fresh pjs for these long cold winter nights.

Canadian designed and created rare specimens earrings. So beautiful in their simplicity. Do you know someone that fits that description? I bet you do. $43

Aveda lip colour. Tubes of  smoothing moisture in a number of glorious colours. $25

Of course the hottest accessory trend this season. The raccoon Pom Pom toque. Designed for looking cute and staying toasty on those brutal winter days. A win win. Available in four colours at $49

There are some awesome ideas for you. Let's call this a wrap...brown paper them.
Happy holidays lovelies xo

Tip....Mom and Dads let the kids at the gifts with their favorite art supplies. They can spend an hour decorating and you can have an hour of quite...#thegiftsthatjustkeepongiving. Xo

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