Saturday, 15 November 2014


Beyond excited! In fact so excited I want to shout from the rooftops. God bless the genius that decided to send one of those leggy fashion dolls down the hottest runways in distressed bottoms, bedhead and converse. Yes a new day has dawned. I am not sure what label you want to attach to the look but whatever it is we love it! It's  such a great way to express your fashion personality, mixing all that is plain with comfort. I think the best feature is it allows everyone to be less stressed about looking perfect. In fact perfect just doesn't work at all. I for one am tired of perfection. Let's let our hair down and put our own spin on things and let's be comfy doing it. How about  throwing a little bit of this and that to create some cool chic.? So we did.  If you are loving the pieces they are all available  in the shop or on line...

Isn't the little toque cute. Thanks so much to our neighbors Mad Monkey Clothing. Loved it mixed with the outfit! Xxoo

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