Tuesday, 11 November 2014

All About That Blanket Scarf

It's unanimous , one of the best things about the arrival of cold weather is putting on super cozy scarves.  Just thinking about them gives me goosebumps.  This season we are all obsessed with the plaid blanket scarf and who wouldn't be. Finally a scarf that works with all the trends. Rocking everything from the new found "ramp up the sweats" look to the classic chic of jacket, dress, or jean. They are so soft and the colours, well scrumptious is the word that comes to mind.  As the season goes on we will snuggle down deeper into them, but
 in this fall moment....
They cuddle you to perfection.  Last night we were all out grabbing a bite at our favourite spot here in Port Hope (Blackbeans Steak House and Lounge.....super delish) and my blanket scarf saved me.  When we arrived it was warm enough to have just a chunky cardigan on, and the scarf swaddled around my neck, but as the night went on it became chilly.

So I undid the scarf, opened it up, and wound it completely around me (hence the term blanket),
 so perfect. It was all toasty and warm, amazing. I can't imagine a blustery season without them. No matter what, I would say you need to have at least one.  Swirl them around your neck, point them down your body, tie them around your shoulders, drape them, belt them, really so many options. Check out our selection either in store or online. With holiday season just around the corner can you think of a better gift. Its like giving a hug. Swoon.


Crazy Scarf Love!
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