Thursday, 14 May 2015

Some Days You Just Don't Give A __________\\

Yep it's true Some Days you just don't give a _________ We have all had them, right? You roll out of bed and you're just not feeling much of anything. Kind of like your inspiration is taking the morning off. So now what's a girl to do? I work in the world of style so I just can't hang it up for the day. I guess I could leave it all up to Edee, she always looks amazing, but that would make me a quitter. I ain't no quitter so now what? Maybe tea and bagel will jump start the day. Ok, that failed. Now it's a trip to the closet to see if colours are going to help. Okay, today is going to be tougher than I thought. Good morning for paperwork...hey look ....found my inspiration right there in my accounts payable file. First account due is Somedays Lovin and guess what their tag line is....Some Days you just don't give a _______. Has to be sign! Love the flip style of this line. It's all about doing whatever you want with style and never even considering that comfort won't be a huge part. So much fun to wear! Reminds me of the festival girl that wants to go to brunch...she would totally rock Some Days Lovin  So there you fire fueled. 

Oh all so great! Some Days Lovin. #gamechanger  Xxoo 

All products available online or in store 50-110$

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